Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief: Ways to Help

Amidst the flooding, displacement, and disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey, we want to direct our community towards resources and organizations that can help provide disaster relief. The fastest and easiest way to assist families of this disaster and North Texas sheltering efforts is through a financial donation to your charity of choice; some options include: […]

How to Talk Hygiene to your Kids Without Scaring Them

Kids know to wash their hands. But so do adults, and that doesn’t change the all too common occurrence where we notice somebody leaving the bathroom without washing their hands. What’s the takeaway here? That despite knowledge and ease, there is a gap between what we know to be a true about germs and we […]

Should I Go to My Primary Doctor or an Urgent Care Clinic?

Should I Go to My Primary Doctor or an Urgent Care Clinic? “Should I go to my regular doctor? ” Does this sound familiar? You went to work today but you feel sick. You aren’t really sure how sick you are (who knows, maybe its allergies?) and you decide it’s not worth the trouble of […]

The Best of Dallas: Healthy Kids Awards (Final Survey!)

Dallasites nominated their favorite healthy and kid-friendly local businesses. Now, we at Dallas Moms Blog & Solv want your final votes in the next 2 weeks to determine the winners of the “The Best of Dallas: Healthy Kids Awards.” Categories include food, healthcare, indoor activities, and outdoor activities. Winners will be featured in an official […]

What you need to know about sport injuries this school year

Playing sports is part of most childhoods. Physical education first entered the school system in 1820 and became an official requirement by law by 1855. Sports and physical education are not only part of school curriculum, but about 30 million students are involved in an organized sport both in and out of school. As kids […]

5 Back to School Tips: Directly from the School Nurse

We spoke to Amy Huey, head school nurse at University Park Elementary, to hear her top 5 tips for parents before sending kids back to school. With back to school around the corner, families across the country are scrambling to finish their back to school physicals, squeeze in those annual school-supply-shopping trips, and enjoy the […]

Can Stress Actually Make You Sick?

It shrinks your brain, and damages your heart muscle, bone mineral density and respiratory system. It makes your immune system more vulnerable, and increases your kids’ chance to suffer a hereditary mental illness. According to WebMD, 43% of adults are impacted by it, and 75-90% of doctor visits revolve around it. We’re talking about stress, […]

Best of Dallas 2017: Healthy Kids Awards with Dallas Moms Blog

Ready, set, VOTE! Dallas Moms Blog and Solv launch the nomination for the “Best of Dallas: Healthy Kids Awards.” The mission is to provide Dallas families with a simple guide for living an overall healthy lifestyle and receiving the best medical care in the area. Dallas Moms Blog is hosting a $50 Target gift card […]

Discounts at the Doctor’s Office?

The healthcare system can be complicated. It often feels overwhelming. Between headlines and legislation, finding and understanding the right insurance, securing a doctor’s appointment, navigating and paying bills, we have been led to believe that we are small participants in healthcare.  However, upon taking a step back and really thinking about our role in healthcare, […]

How to Describe Medical Symptoms to Your Doctor

Humans experience pain and discomfort differently and articulating the nuances around what you are feeling is not an easy task. This comes as no surprise as until we are at the doctor’s office or faced with the ever-daunting google search bar, we survive by replacing articulation with groans, moans, whines, and ‘ouches.’ You’ve moved past […]